Capit Factory Refurbished

Capit Factory refurbished items are gently used products that were used by professional teams and riders whose products were later updated or exchanged for repair. All of the items are slightly used, some with single uses, and other used for a season. 

All products have been thoroughly tested for operation. Capit Americas offers a one year warranty for refurbished products purchases from the Capit Americas website for operation and functionality (Tire warmer burns are excluded from warranty).

Used Tyrewarmers are also available. Some have minor repairs and may have visual soiling, or  blemishes,  and patches where the repair was completed. Capit Guarantees the repair for operation. Future burns on these products are excluded from warranty. However proper operation has been certified by Capit Americas upon leaving our shop.

Products are continually updated, please check back if you don't find what you're looking for. 

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