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Capit Warmers for small bikes? Yep we've got 'em!

These single temp warmers take your track riding time to the next level by allowing you to be ready when the session starts. No need for a warm up lap whether using DOT's or Slicks. These will get those donuts hot and sticky in no time.

The same technology those guys on the liter bikes are using (who you are passing on corner entry!) is in these warmers! Confidently ride out in your session knowing that you can drop a knee right from the green flag!

Get all of the laps that are available to you at the pace you want to go, no need to wait 3 laps for heat to build. Place these on your tires and you're all set! 

What's your tire size?

These warmers are made specifically for Tire Size 110-70/17" Front/140-70/17" Rear. 

What bike is that? 

Mostly 250-300cc bikes. R3, Ninja 300-400, Honda 250-400 etc. 

If you're not sure, just go take a quick look at your tire size of your bike. You can look on the side of the tire, or you can also look it up on the inter-webs. 

These warmers are also available in the Vision Pro digital Adjustable. Just because you ride a small-ish bike, doesn't mean you can't have large-ish gear! (are those  words?)